Fireworks CS5


Adobe Fireworks® CS5 software helps you create beautiful designs for websites and mobile apps in a snap, without coding. Deliver vector and bitmap images, mockups, 3D graphics, and interactive content for popular tablets and smartphones.

What you will learn in Fireworks CS5 class:

  • Getting Acquainted
  • Getting to know the workspace
  • The pages, states, and layer panel: fundamental workflow tools
  • Working with bitmap images
  • Working with selections
  • Working with vector graphics
  • Masking
  • Working with text
  • Optimizing for the web
  • Using symbols
  • Prototyping basics
  • Advanced prototyping
  • Improving your workflow
  • Going further

The 13 project-based lessons in this course show readers step-by-step the key techniques for working in Fireworks CS5. Student will learn what they need to know to collaborate with other Adobe Creative Suite applications to design and mock up basic Web pages or interfaces for rich Internet applications.

In addition readers will learn how to demo a design live for a client, export the design as an interactive PDF, and export complete Web page designs as Web standards-compliant CSS-based layouts, or as PDF



Tuesday and Thrusday

6:00 pm -10:00 pm

Register today!


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