Dreamweaver & WordPress



What you will learn in Dreamweaver CS5:

Adobe® Dreamweaver® CS5 software empowers designers and developers to build standards-based websites with confidence. Design visually or directly in code, develop pages with content management systems.

  • Customizing Your Workspace
  • HTML Basics
  • CSS Basics
  • Getting a Quick Start with a CSS Layout
  • Creating a page layout from scratch
  • Working with Cascading Style Sheets
  • Working with templates
  • Working with Text, Lists, and Tables
  • Working with Images
  • Working with Navigation
  • Adding Interactivity
  • Working with Flash
  • Working with Forms
  • Building pages with Data: Spry, ASP, PHP and ColdFusion
  • Working with Third-Party Components
  • Working with Code
  • Publishing to the Web

What you will learn in WordPress:
Learn to build, update, maintain, and expand a WordPress website
WordPress is an increasingly popular open-source content management system that exists in either a self-hosted or hosted version and allows you to build and maintain a feature-rich website. 

  • Plan what you need to do before starting your site
  • Install WordPress
  • Enter your content and publish it
  • Upload images, video, documents, and more
  • Navigate through various types of content
  • Deal with links, comments, RSS feeds, social networks, and multiple users
  • Work with themes
  • Optimize your site
  • Make sure your software is up to date
  • Add functionality with plugins

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