About the program

Multimedia Design


This 750-hour program prepares students for careers in digital media, new media, and multimedia positions. The content includes practical experiences in Web page design, interactive presentation development, testing and production.

Specialized skills in multimedia presentations such as video with editing, audio features, and animation with Adobe Flash and authoring software are used to produce a variety of interactive multimedia presentations Each vocational class lasts one term; therefore, the more classes taken per term, the sooner a program can be completed (i.e. if three classes are taken per term, the student can complete a program in three months if the schedule permits it).

The school provides state of the art computer equipment as well as any other needed educational tool for class use. If students do not achieve a passing score on the entry-level basic skills examination, they are encouraged to attend the Applied Academics lab to improve their language, reading and math skills prior to the completion of the program.


Certificate of Achievement:

A certificate of achievement is issued upon the completion of program standards based on Occupational Completion Points (OCP*).


Certificate of Completion

A certificate of completion is issued to Program Completers who obtain all Occupational Completion Points (OCP) and pass the Basic skills requirements for the program.

Web design is used as a general term to describe any of the various tasks involved in creating a web page. More specifically, it refers to jobs focused on building the front-end of a web page by hand coding or using programs such as Dreamweaver or Fireworks.

Get Adobe Certified here

Adobe offers three areas in which to gain certification for entry-level skills:
You will get FREE training in how to pass the adobe certified associate exams
as part of the course curriculum when taking Photoshop, Flash or Dreamweaver.
The English Center

Limited space. Register today!
For more detail information email the instructor
The English Center
Location: 3501 SW 28 Street, Miami, FL 33133
Phone: (305) 445-7731 — Fax: (305) 441-215


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